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Our Story

The best business is the one that solves the problem of the people, and that too, easily. And this is the business philosophy of Oregain.

Hair fall is one issue that most men and women experience. My husband started facing this problem back in 2003; he used an artificial hair patch (which was difficult to maintain), he put himself through two hair transplant surgeries in 2005 and 2007 (which, let’s be honest, were painful experiences). He also tried Minoxidil and Finasteride USP, but the hair growth was only temporary.

Since the problem was not solved and most of the products available in the market did not fulfill their claims, we decided to go for a natural solution of our own and created a natural shampoo using Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, Fenugreek (Methi dana) seed, and Coconut milk in November 2020. Before using the product, we decided to take pictures of his scalp to keep a record, and within two weeks, his hair fall slowed down. Based on various studies and researches, we kept on adding and removing specific ingredients, and, to our amazement, the results kept on improving. In March 2021, the difference was phenomenal. With 23 power ingredients, Hairgro23 was ready to be launched to benefit the public.

Mr. Afshaq Ahmed, in his book Zaviya, mentioned Sir Alexander Fleming, (the inventor/discoverer of penicillin), who said in his lecture that the scientist is the most patient person in the world. He wears his uniform and keeps on working, like a ‘Qalandar’ wearing a Qalandar cloak and performing his Qalandar dance. A time comes when God sends an angel who whispers the solution in the ear of the scientist and thus enables the invention or discovery. Something similar happened in the case of Hairgro23.

During the research and our search of suppliers, we found numerous products, that can solve many problems of the people. We decided to name the business Oregain, which focuses on Regaining the Original and Desired condition of Hair and Skin through Organic & Natural ingredients.

Fatima Jamal
Oregain Care Products Co.